COVID-19 has modified our social distancing practices causing many people their engagement in normal activities throughout the past few years. 

Launching this website was an opportunity of raising funds through donations and gaining sponsorships within our surrounding community.  We are asking different businesses and organizations to become a VFW Website Sponsors or to make a donations to our Post.  This will offset our website hosting fees and help us continue to serving our nation's veterans and our Community Service Projects. 

COVID-19 has adversely financially affected many businesses and organizations in throughout Illinois, but we are hoping that you can help us, by either becoming a Site Sponsor (for $400 per year). Your organization’s Sponsorship of our new website could result in significant benefits to the your business or and to VFW Post 5691's membership and supporting veterans!

  • Sponsorship of our website will demonstrate to local community residents that your business or organization supports Veterans
  • It has the potential to promote your business or organization's image and even your revenue growth through your advertising on our website
  • It will help our Post grow in membership, so that we can recover the website hosting fees and continue providing Community Services to the public, including to Veterans’ families who’s loved ones were seriously injured or who made the ultimate sacrifice
  • It will increase the your business or organization's visibility to our members, to potential new customers or members and to other businesses in the community
  • The cost of Site Sponsorship or a cash donation is Tax Deductible, since the VFW is a Non-Profit organization
Please give the post IT Officer, Brian O'Rourke a call at (910) 333-4869 to let us know that you would like to become a VFW Site Sponsor.
Click here to read our Sponsorship Flyer